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Professional Support in Aviation Cases and Disputes

In the developing and developing aviation industry, there are often problems. Lawyers, who can be used when we have any incident or when we make any request, need us in every way. At this point kartallawfirm.com, which is one of the prestigious companies, is giving us great support in the problems and needs of civil or official aviation business. Aviation law in the form of turkey, as a result of your searches on the Internet will provide aviation lawyers Turkey support for your aviation problems and the company has a lot of services other than aviation. In addition, aviation solicitor turkey in the form of your calls, the company will be recommended in the first place.

Support on Civil and Official Aviation

The company, which deals with aviation related problems and cases, looks at not only aviation but also many other problems and cases. However, especially in the field of aviation will provide you with great support and hearings will help you greatly, the company will also provide success in cases. You can choose Kartallawfirm.com for any kind of civil or official disputes and lawsuits.

About the Company

To date, many companies, civil and official aviation issues, advice and advice, the company also provides support in cases, many services aims to bring together the user. The company can provide support not only for aviation, but also for other issues, and can help you in maritime disputes.

In addition, the company can provide legal advice on financial issues, you can also provide support in this regard.

What can they help with aviation law?

Some of the services of the firm, which can give advice and support in many issues related to civil and official aviation, are as follows;

• The company can provide advice and advice to you before any lawsuits or lawsuits you are in.

• Provide advice and advice on flight and space allocation,

• Provide legal advice and litigation support in case of an accident or an adverse situation,

• Represents the person and owner of the lease in case of aircraft charter,

• In the records of the aircraft registry, mortgages and accidents, such as advice and advice,

• You can give suggestions and give you support in the contracts and agreements related to aviation.

• Can advise and provide support for rental contracts prepared in wet or dry form.

Services of the Firm in Banking and Finance Law?

The firm, which can advise you in financial cases and disputes, can provide you with support in cases. Some of the services of the firm in the financial sector are as follows;

• Forward and manage your requests,

• Evaluate the transactions implemented within the scope of insurance / reinsurance policies and provide relevant support,

• Can insure and advise insured / reinsurance against insurance claims.

• deal with complaints and complaints on behalf of a responsible party or on behalf of insurers,

• provide counseling on political issues and disputes within this scope,

• Provide or suggest political statements, and directly support the case,

• Provide services such as designing, coordinating and supervising the execution of bulletins, coordinating and performing compensation payments.

Services of the Firm related to Banking and Finance Law?

The firm can assist you with your financial and banking transactions, not only on civilian aviation or maritime, but also on many other issues. Here are some of the services that the company offers in this sector;

To make suggestions about all kinds of credits (home, needs, vehicles, telephones and similar loans), to provide support in the preparation of the contract,

Preparing and presenting financial and lease agreements,

To prepare and present mortgage, homework, company and personal security and security documents, and to make technical recommendations on these issues,

To register mortgages, leases, IDERAs and other security interests and to keep them under control and make them accessible by applying them in airplanes, ships and immovables.

To make recommendations for disputed or unsolved loans and to provide support in cases

In case of having any mortgage or in case of not collecting debt, making recommendations and suggestions, creating cases and dealing with foreclosures,

If you fall into a creditor position, you can give a suggestion for the case or a legal remedy for the case or a direct hearing. can also call your right.

Other Services that the Company offers and Supports

in the Republic of Turkey in place can give advice and can help you win your right to inheritance process by providing support at the hearing. It can also control the co-ordination, will and property of the inherited heritage,

They may also represent you in disputes and lawsuits arising from their inheritance.

Company's Important and Reliable Lawyers: Ali Kartal

He has a high level of knowledge and experience in various subjects, especially civil and official aviation, maritime, finance and insurance. Ali Kartal has a strong and reliable track record. He has been responsible for weather events and accidents, insurers in the settlements, airlines and other organizations, commercial disputes, legal issues and all official affairs related to aviation. In many hearings, aircraft operations (leasing, purchasing, mortgages) have provided support to users and financiers, and many vital advice has been found.

Ali Kartal also holds a multi-motor and instrument-grade commercial pilot license and is a member of the Royal Aviation Association. He is also a court-approved pilot-lawyer expert on civil aviation issues, including on many aviation incidents and accidents.

Biography of Ali Kartal Short

Ali Kartal got his first degree in law at Ankara University Faculty of Law. She completed her apprenticeship at the law firm of AYBAY and AYBAY. Ali Kartal also received her legal practice license in 1987. Afterwards, she had the opportunity to improve herself by starting to work in Beijing & Beijing law firm. Through this law office, he became competent in finance and banking and his interest in aviation began to increase. Her growing interest in aviation and flying became her piloting license. He obtained a commercial pilot license in the USA in 1994 through a course he attended.

After 1994, he rejoined AYBAY & AYBAY, a well known company in the field of transport and insurance. Ali Kartal, whose knowledge and experience is not recognized in the aviation field, started to take business from the aviation sector through the company. Ali Bey was one of the managing partners of the company between 2002-2016. However, AYBAY & AYBAY had to break up in 2016. Ali Kartal, who founded his own company after the company that is spreading, now serves the people through Kartallawfirm.com.

Ali Kartal's mother, who came from a family of lawyers and gained experience in aviation in addition to legal fields, worked for Turkish Airlines between the 60s and 70s. At that time, airline employees and their families could fly for free. Therefore, the interest and curiosity of the aviation industry was quite high. Because of his curiosity, he left his career aside and worked for a commercial pilot's license. With a commercial pilot license, he became a pilot - attorney at the moment.


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